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One Cat-astrophe After Another

Posted by Joni in General

I just got this e-mail from Adopt-A-Cat in response to my email to them. Looks like it’s a case of if it weren’t for bad luck, they wouldn’t have any luck at all.


That sounds like a wonderful idea and I thank you for thinking of us as the organization you’d like to support. We are really in a time of need. The slow down in the economy has caused people to adopt fewer cats and make fewer donations. To make matters worse, [name withheld], the founder and resident of Adopt-A-Cat, fell and broke her hip. During her recovery at a friend’s home the shelter was burglarized twice (like we have a lot of valuable stuff there!). They stole our computer and let all the cats out. Things are basically back under control, but any help we can get from people like yourself is greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much,


Why anyone would STEAL from any organization like this just amazes and stupefies me. I read a lot about that in the paper. Why don’t the thieves go down to River Oaks [upscale Houston neighborhood] and steal from the rich? The ones who can afford to spare a computer or two or one or two sackfuls of cash. Don’t take from the little guy.

Reminds me of a recent “news of the weird” story I read about some idiot who robbed a convenience store by pretending to ask for change for a $20. The guy behind the counter only had $15 in the register, so the thief took that. And forgot his $20 on the counter. Sheesh!

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