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On the Sunny Side

Posted by Joni in General

I promised a couple of photos of “Robert’s cat,” Sunny welcoming Robert home from the hospital Monday evening. As soon as Robert was settled in the bed, Sunny wasted no time trying to get as close to his “daddy” as possible!

Sunny, Photo 1
You can see the plush toy I bought that closely resembles Sunny! We call this his love doll!

Sunny, Photo 2
Sunny just parked himself on Robert’s chest as soon as Robert got settled. He DEMANDS attention!

Sunny, Photo 3
Dead weight. 24 pounds of useless adoring cat flesh!

Sunny, Photo 4
Cats can’t read and they don’t want you to either! (Sorry, but the photo was a bit overexposed; I still haven’t got the hang of the flash settings on this Mavica!)

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