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Offline for the Weekend

Posted by Joni in General

A hellatious electrical storm just passed through here around 8PM CDT. The cats dove under the bed. I’ve been on the telephone with Roadrunner Tech Support for a few minutes.

My speakers seem to have taken a powder. There’s just “white noise” emanating from them. And the network is gone. No network icon, just the Prodigy dialup icon.

So I’m using it to post this entry, then I’m headed over to the Compaq website to hopefully get network card drivers — because for some reason, the network card doesn’t even show in my Windows XP device manager — it ran off with the speakers for a threesome, eh?

So failing that, I’ll probably backup my data to CD tonight and reinstall the damn OS tomorrow in the hopes that the network card will find its way back home. Later!

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