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I have always loved music more than TV and movies. I used to joke with Roberto that someone could break in and steal the TV and it would be months before I’d notice. Steal my stereo, it’s gonna get ugly!

I recently went to turn my stereo on in the living room because I wanted to sit and fold towels and listen to some old music on vinyl (e.g., Brian Ferry, ARC Angels, etc.). But the amp was dead as a door nail.

SO I got on the computer to see what is out there currently. Well, trash mostly and I don’t want a home theater system or to pair it with my iPad or iPhone. I just want to be able to listen to all my music. So …

I hopped on eBay and found a JVC amp a few generations newer than mine and in pristine condition. It has finally arrived. And boy, is it heavy. In fact, I am not able to roll around on the floor in front of my music bench like I could ten years ago to hook it up, so some neighbors are coming by later to help me with that.

But here’s the story behind the quest to replace the burned out amp.

The entire system, amp, dual cassette deck, 6-CD changer, FM tuner, and turntable – all JVC, were purchased at one time, along with my Yamaha speakers, and they cost an entire IRS refund back in … wait for it …

1991. Right before I moved to Houston. So do you think I g;t my money’s worth out of them?!

The former amp is a JVC AK-R97. Its replacement is a JVC RX-8000VBK.

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  1. Joni

    Just as an FYI, I paid about $350 for the entire JVC system in 1991. I kind of think I got my money’s worth out of it, considering all the other components are still working as they were nearly 30 years ago!


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