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Now THIS Is a Disclaimer!

Posted by Joni in General

I’m installing BBPress over at Web Jones Designs. I fired up the installer script and was cheerfully greeted with this:

bbPress is alpha software. That means it will
1. eat all your data,
2. crush your dreams,
3. and stab you in the eye
all after
1. claiming ownership of your firstborn,
2. serving you your own computer… with a delicious sauce flambé,
3. and urinating on your car door handle (just ’cause it can).
You’ve been warned.

Welcome to bbPress installation. We?re now going to go through a few steps to get you up and running with the latest in forums software.

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  1. Trisha Watts

    Oh God I remember hearing you talk about this and laughing my teeny tiny little ass off but it really is funny to see it in writing!


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