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Note To Roberto On Valentine’s Day

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Dear Dink:

It’s been almost nine weeks since you left abruptly. I am sure you know you left a hole in my heart the size of a cannonball. So many things have happened since you’ve been gone. Things you would have wanted to know about if you had hung around.

Things like what happened during the season finale of Boardwalk Empire, who won the Heisman Trophy, how the Super Bowl turned out, how my diabetes is doing (you would be so proud of me; I got my A1C score way down, but only after a big scare and a hospital stay).


That your funeral was lovely, as those things go, and no, I didn’t dress you up in a monkey suit. Your brothers sent you out in style in your favorite Hawaiian shirt and ever-present baseball cap. You might have grinned to know that Fred — tough guy — choked up giving your eulogy, and that your sister told a big tale on you at lunch afterward — a tale she thought she best tell when you couldn’t do anything about it. :D

That others have left in your wake, most notably Billie Jo Spears, Joe Paterno, Ben Gazzara, Don Cornelius and Whitney Houston. You would have wanted to know how Duncan is growing and what a sweet cat he turned out to be, and yes, there is another cat just as special as Sunny.

You would have wanted to know that I finally found cherries at H.E.B. recently, too late for you to enjoy them. That I spent the first four weeks out of the hospital in your bed and damn, dude, I never realized just how comfortable it really is. I can’t really fault you for wanting to spend time there.

But most of all, I think about you and miss you every day of my life and I will love you forever. Happy Valentine’s Day. And … ken leetu libu dibu douchou.

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  1. Rx

    It’s difficult to imagine that so much time has flown by since the time Robo left. Where does it all go. Life is but a drop in the bucket, but isn’t it endearing to know that you both shared the same bucket and had so many years together and enjoyed your lives. Nothing like having an old soul that lasts forever, so you need never fear good by. {{hugs}}


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