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Not Old, Just Obsolete

Posted by Joni in General

This article underscores just why I may decide never to get rid of one of my laptops (the Bondwell B310) and why I’m hankering for an old, and I mean OLD PC (e.g., IBM AT or XT or PS/2 or better yet a NeXT box), just for the hell of seeing what old proggies I can run on it. And load up onto it on (gasp) the “mini-floppy” — the 5.25-inch disks that were the novelty after suffering through the Displaywriter-era 8-inch mammoths!

I think old Billy Bob Gates is partially to blame for this obsolescence. New, better and bigger operating systems and programs are spawned every day. Along with that, the programs’ coding has gotten sloppier. Just look at all the “bug fixes” and patches that follow closely on the heels of a program or OS rollout and you’ll see what I mean.

Gone are the days when an elegant little program could be contained on one or two — or at the most, four or five — 720K or 1.44MB diskettes!

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