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No Kidding

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I’ve kept my mouth shut up to now, but this is really, really, REALLY beginning to chap my donkey. I just moved into a ground floor fourplex. Of course, above me are three small children and their clueless parents. I’ve had to scream to them to keep quiet because all I hear, morning, noon and night are the children stomping around like elephants. These people don’t speak English too well, so my original rantings of “Shut the fxxx up!“, Shut the hell up!“, and “I can’t stand this fxxxing noise” went unheeded. Somewhat more effective have been (excuse the misspellings here) “Gallete lo sico!” (shut your mouth), “Silencio, por favor!” (silence, please) and “Vajate!” (behave). Still, the stomping continues, although to a somewhat lesser degree.

Today, however, upon arriving home, what was parked smack dab in the middle of MY parking space? A damn child’s scooter. This isn’t the first time. This happened last week, too. Only that time, there were THREE such scooters piled in my driveway. If I had a POS vehicle, I’d have run right over them then. But I love my car. I also love my driveway. The father came out the first time, sheepishly apologizing. Now, today, I honked my horn and he comes out onto the balcony and as I’m walking toward the scooter with the ultimate goal of flinging it, as far and as hard as I can, up to his balcony, he tells me in broken English that his little girl, who was playing on my front porch, would move it. I said, in perfect English, “Jesus fxxxing Christ, how many times do I have to go through this” to no one in particular. He then said, “I’m sorry, but my kids, you know, they run wild.” And this is OKAY? This is the best excuse for his brats’ behaviour that he can think of? Wait until the bitches are teenagers. They won’t be able to keep their legs together any better than their mother did.

I wish I could just come and go and exist in PEACE without these brats from hell living upstairs from me. I’m sick and tired of it. He better be damned glad I don’t drive a 4×4 pick up or a Hummer. Because I’d have flattened those scooters. Someone email me at zgal at prodigy dot net if you have any ideas how to handle this. I’m not sure the landlady cares. After all, she accepted them as tenants. I can only pray that they are as lax in paying their bills as they are in disciplining their unruly children. And these children are exactly the reason that web sites like this one exist. Because if kids behaved I wouldn’t have a problem in the world with them.

Thanks. I feel better now.

Fortunately, I’m not alone. Go here for more: Brats! The Child-Free Rant Page.

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