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Night Life

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I had taken my Mavica to work with me today, for what reason I don’t know. But Robert ended up being held up in traffic picking me up after work today so I snapped a couple of photos of downtown Houston at dusk. (As always, click on the image to reveal the full-size shot.)

Here’s a shot from where I sat in front of my building. The building on the left is the First City Tower (1001 Fannin). The building on the right is One Houston Center (1221 McKinney).

Photo 1:

This is not as good, technically speaking, but Robert drove up just as I was snapping the picture. Intersection of Caroline and McKinney, you can just see our blue 300ZX coming into the picture.

Photo 2:

And finally, the Street Angel herself. At Robert’s request, I used Paint Shop Pro to obscure the view of his unshaven face. :-P

Photo 3:

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