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New TV, Bueno; New Puta, Ugh!

Posted by Joni in General

Well, I went to Conn’s (yeah, great name for an electronics store, right?!) and picked out a new computer and a new television.

Robert went straight for the one we had researched. A Sony WEGA FV200, 27-inch. For $29 we decided to let them deliver it tomorrow. It’s a nice little television, the same make (Sony WEGA) as the one we have now, but slightly updated. (Our current Sony has the controls on the TOP of the cabinet; these are in front on the bottom.) And it seems a bit lighter than the last one we lugged in the house….

As for the ‘Puta, it is a Compaq Presario 5410US AMD 1.3GHz with 256K RAM (I’m going on e-Bay just as soon as I can figure out the specs for the RAM), a 40GB hard drive, a DVD player and a CD player. It only had one spare bay, so I haven’t quite decided what to do about that yet. Any suggestions are welcome. My friend won’t be ready to buy my old computer for several more weeks so I have time to get everything from one machine to the other (more about that fiasco below) and figure out what stays and what goes.

My quandary is choosing between my Travan TR-4 tape back up drive and my Iomega ATAPI Zip 100 drive. I have quite a bit of my data on Zip disk, but the good news is I also have a parallel Zip drive, mainly so that my data can be accessed with the laptop as well. In fact, the parallel Zip drive is packed with my laptop gear. On the other hand, since this new computer has several USB ports, maybe I can just get a USB Zip drive and keep the TR-4 backup drive for the new computer.

But then again, I’ve only got five TR-4 tapes, which when fully compressed only hold 8GB of data tops. Now when I had the 10GB drive that I was backing up, this wasn’t an issue, since the drive was only about tw-thirds full. It all fit on one tape.

To back up this monster drive, assuming even half capacity (I’ve been collecting a lot of MP3s lately) I’d probably just barely make it with five tapes. And do you realize the manpower involved in sitting over the machine while it backs up five tapes’ worth of data? I’d have to run in approximately ever hour for five hours…. Not sure I’m up for that.

But did the computer manufacturers plan for the fact that people might want to back up their data? What would they use to do this? Another drive? And judging from the woeful lack of models with even ONE spare drive bay, let alone two, do manufacturers assume (and rightly so?) that people just aren’t interested in configuring their computers to their own uses? Personally, I cannot imagine that I’d sit and watch a DVD movie on my computer. I’ve got a houseful of TVs to watch movies on. I just don’t get it. Someone please tell me where the flaw in MY thinking is!

Right now, I’m leaning toward keeping the internal Zip and figuring out another way to back up my data on the new computer. As I said all suggestions are welcome!

It also has a network card, a modem and 12MB AGP video memory. So it pretty much fits the bill except for two things: (1) as mentioned, no second spare drive bay; and (2) it’s running Windows Ex-Pee!! Ewww!!! I hate it. Because it’s an NTFS file system (like NT), rather than FAT32 (like Win98). I still haven’t been able to get the DCC (Direct Cable Connection) working yet. I’ve tried everything. I even had XP make me a Network Setup Disk for the Win98 machine. The problem may be that I have to keep switching the monitor from one machine to the other. I believe I have them configured correctly (I’m no stranger to the DCC connection; I’ve used it to shuttle information back and forth between the desktop and laptop computers, but they both were running Win98 and LapLink Gold). Anyway, I’ll keep fiddling with that until I get it right.

The other thing it did first rattle out of the box was to refuse to install my Epson Scanner. It said it wasn’t an XP Icon device. So I’ll have to figure THAT out as well.

Right now, I’m just sitting here typing out this post; I’ll switch back to the old computer for the time being. I also want to download copies of all the drivers for this thing and read up about reformatting an NTFS drive to a FAT32 drive. (I have Partition Magic 7.0 so hopefully this can be accomplished. Oh, yes, this geek has a lot of tricks up her sleeve!)

Anyway, one of the things that I realized (with great distress I might add) was how dreadful my 300ZX website looks when viewed in Netscape 7.0 (Gecko). It really falls apart. All the other sites seem to be doing okay. Funny, all the sites that I use a TABLE HACK on are fine; the one site that uses fluid CSS (the way God intended for it to be used) sucks!!! Something else to work on.

Anyway, logging off for now, switching back to the OLD computer.

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