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New Skins Available

Posted by Joni in General

I’ve reached my goal of having 20 different skins available. The two most recent are “Stuck in the 80s” (dark background) and “Shooting the Breeze” (light background).

Stuck in the 80s uses a font called “Microscan A.” You can download it here. Otherwise, if this font is not available, it will use Lucida Sans (available on most Windows boxes) or another sans-serif font. The lime green on black is hard on the eyes and probably screams juvenile and/or warez site, but I wanted to get the old plasma display effect from the old IBM Displaywriter. You’ll see my date is in the orange-red dayglow of the orange plasma screens, a la the old Compaq “lunchbox.” It was truly fun putting that skin together.

I’m going to round up all the links I’ve found to instructions for skinning a site and/or using a stylesheet switcher (which is what I’ve done). I’ll post those later on. Meanwhile, enjoy.

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