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My GreyMatter Review

Posted by Joni in General

Can be found at Rick Bruner‘s business blog. I know that GreyMatter is no longer in the forefront of blogging tools, and sadly, while I was hanging around in the GM forums doing some research for the article, I saw that in response to someone’s query about moving away from MovableType to Greymatter, the (very honest) response to that was, “No, man, what you need is WordPress.”

I dabble in all of it, being a curious little thing by nature. Until last weekend, my web design site was running an evil combination of plain ole HTML, MovableType (“What’s New” and “Portfolio”) and GreyMatter (“Blog Templates” and voting on those templates). But now I’ve completely migrated webjones.org to TextPattern. My only gripe about TextPattern? No trackback! So much for trackbacks from Rick’s site to webjones.org! (Take off shoe, shoot self in foot!)

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