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My First Friday Forum

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Okay, so it’s Saturday already. Give me a break. Please. From Floopie.com.

This week’s Friday Forum is all about friendship. Buddies, pals, best friends . . . whatever you want to call them, they are a very important and special part of our lives.

1. What qualities in a friendship are most important to you? Honesty and loyalty. I have to be able to be brutally honest with my friend and I expect no less of her. You get that and loyalty comes with it.

2. Who is your oldest friend in terms of how long you’ve known the person? That would have to be my significant other, Robert. We’ve known each other since 1980! Who is your newest friend? I don’t make friends easily so that would have to be Sheila, who I have worked with for quite some time now. How did you meet both of them, and why do you get along so well? I met Robert quite by accident. He was a cab driver in San Antonio and I was drunk at the time. . . . Don’t all great stories start out like that? As for Sheila, I have worked with her for a number of years, but we started hanging around together and drooling over tech toys over a year ago.

3. Have you ever met someone, become really close friends with them, and then drifted apart for some reason? How did it happen, and did you ever try to get back in touch with that person? No, that’s never happened. I have a select handful of friends to begin with. A couple of close friends live in San Antonio (my hometown, about 200 miles away). I see them when I can and of course, there’s always e-mail. So they aren’t ever far from my heart.

4. Do you feel that men and women can be good friends? Why/why not? Do you have any close friends of the opposite sex? I think they can as long as the sexual boundaries are clear from the outset. In other words, I could probably be friends with my old boyfriends, because I’m no longer interested in them nor them me. We can concentrate on friendship. And I have a couple of friends who are men. They are just buddies. And of course, above all else, Robert is my best friend.

5. Do you tend to make friends easily? Why/why not? Do you have many online friends? Which of your friends lives the closest to you? I don’t make friends too easily and don’t allow many people into my “inner circle.” I tend to be pretty chummy with certain people online. Except for rare circumstances, however, it’s mostly civil superficiality, if you know what I mean. Robert is in the next room; can’t get that much closer! Other than that, my friend Sheila works with me and of course we both live in Houston, I just live a little closer to work than she does. (So how do I explain the fact that I get to work two hours later than she does? DON’T ASK!)

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