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My Fallen He-Ro

Posted by Joni in General

Fair warning that if you thought the posts on my blog were sparse before, they may very well become even more scant. Or not. It all depends on how I feel.

My love, my best friend in the world, my partner in crime, Robert, is in the hospital with a spinal/epidural abscess. He collapsed Thursday morning and couldn’t use his legs. I took him to the ER immediately, but it got progressively worse. In the morning, even though he couldn’t use his legs, he could still feel when people touched them. Toward the evening, he had no feeling. They did a “stat” MRI (at 2 AM this morning) and then did an emergency laminectomy later this morning.

The prognosis is not good for the return to use of his legs, but the doctor was a bit more brusque than I’d have liked. There is simply no room in my world for absolutes, especially things like “never” walk again and “never” regain the use of his bladder. Fortunately, this doctor was merely the neurosurgeon who performed the laminectomy and his involvement (and negative attitude) are out of our lives now.

When I got to the hospital this afternoon, I spoke to his neurologist, a nice woman who held out a bit more hope than that (that wouldn’t be hard, really).

I hope Robert’s innate stubbornness will rally him and hopefully he can regain some function in his legs. They are treating his infection, he’s got a breathing tube down his throat right now which I’m sure he’s not enjoying. He has to resort to hand gestures, which I’m not very good at interpreting. But I’m trying.

It’s hard to see someone that you consider your pillar of strength, your knight in shining armour, so helpless. But he nursed me through my cancer back in 1990 and it’s time to repay that debt.

And I don’t even want to know what’s going on in his mind. I’m going back this evening. The neurologic ICU operates a bit differently than the rest of the hospital. For one thing, no eating in the room (yeep! maybe I’ll lose weight!), and they kick all the visitors out between 6A-8A and 6P-8P each day for shift change and paperwork. I’m headed back up there shortly and will probably only stay until midnight or so. I’ll hang around the house and run errands, do housework and computer work. And of course, then it’s back to the daily grind on Monday.

There are still some test results we are waiting on so I remain hopeful that everything will have a positive outcome.

I apologize in advance to anyone who is owed web work from me. Please be patient. I’ll roll up my sleeves and tackle most of it this weekend.

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