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My Condolences, Serbia, For Your Great Loss

Posted by Joni in General

Today and for three days, Serbia will be in mourning over the death of the Serbian Orthodox Church’s Patriarch, His Holiness the Archbishop, Paul Pavle.


Metropolitan Amfilohije has said that “the Patriarch has surrendered his soul to the Lord” and that “his Christ-loving heart had stopped beating.”

Patriarch Pavle was 95 years old, and was treated in the Military Hospital for the past two years. It has been several years since he had stopped appearing in public due to failing health. He was the 44th head of the Serbian Orthodox Church, a fully independent Eastern Christian Church since 1219.

Pavle (Gojko Stojicevic) was chosen as the Serbian Patriarch in 1990. He had been well educated and very active in the SPC all his life, of which he had spent 33 years in Kosovo, Serbia’s sacred Province. He was decorated several times. In 2002, in Russia, he won two awards. In 2004, President of (the State Union of) Serbia and Montenegro Svetozar Marovic decorated the Patriarch with a medal. In 2005, the Serbian Government elected him as the Honorary President of the Fund for Kosovo and Metohija. In 2007, Crown Prince Alexander II, Serbia’s heir to the throne, awarded the Patriarch with a medal of the Serbian Royal House. In 2009, the Patriarch received another medal from Russia.

The most significant achievement of Patriarch Pavle was that he reunited the Serbian Orthodox Church in 1992, after almost 40 years of bitter divisions amongst the Serbian Orthodox Church in Communist Yugoslavia, and the Serbian Orthodox Church in the “free world.” The Patriarch had the misfortune to lead the SPC during the troubled times of the breakup of Yugoslavia in the 1990s, when many Serbian places of worship were damaged or destroyed in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Metohija, and other places of worship seized by the non-recognized so-called “Montenegrin Orthodox Church” and “Macedonian Orthodox Church”.

Patriarch Pavle was the author of two books and spoke Serbian, Greek, Russian and German. He was very revered, respected and loved by a great majority of Serbs and will be greatly missed.



  1. Sinisa Milovanovic


    After hearing Serbian Orthodox Patriarch Pavle I, who has just died in his 96th year, praised as an “ecumenist” by the Pope and a “man of peace” by the German Catholic Archbishop Robert Zollitsch, Gesellschaft für bedrohte Völker (GfbV) / Society for Threatened Peoples (STP) has expressed regret that the Serbian Orthodox Church’s Patriarch has escaped mortal judgment.

    GfbV/STP President Tilman Zülch observed that “Pavle maintained very close and friendly relations with the two major Bosnian Serb war criminals Ratko Mladic and Radovan Karadzic during the time when they were imprisoning more than 200,000 Bosnian Muslims and Catholics in concentration and detention camps and 20,000 Bosnian Muslim women were being systematically raped”. The Patriarch remained silent as Serbian troops commanded by the two war criminals destroyed centuries-old mosques and madrassas (a total of 1186) and over 500 Catholic churches and other religious buildings.

    Throughout Serb-occupied Bosnia only a single mosque was left standing. Pavle, who conferred his blessing on the war criminals on a number of occasions, later sought to gloss over his support for genocide in Bosnia-Herzegovina later with vague declarations in support of peace. Pavle’s macabre involvement is illustrated by the photograph above which shows him blessing Radovan Karadži? (currently before the International Criminal Tribunal at The Hague) and Ratko Mladi? (protected for years by the Serbian authorities and the Serbian Army).

    “We are still waiting for Archbishop Zollitsch, a child survivor of a Tito concentration camps where thousands of Danube Swabian women and children perished, to show some respect at least for the victims of Sarajevo and Srebrenica”, Zülch added.

    Note: Patriarch Pavle never condemned Srebrenica genocide denial.


  2. Joni

    Note to anyone reading this article and Sinisa’s comment. I will allow her comment, as opposed to a previous comment which was filled with profanity, because she is presenting her view in a civilised manner. I might not agree with it, and in fact I am going to look through the books I have on this topic to attempt to refute some of her assertions. But I welcome any and all CIVIL discourse on this and any other topics until and unless they become heated.


  3. Petar

    Sinisa, I am very ashamed that you call yourself a Serb and that you are living among my people. Patriarch Pavle was a living Saint, and not only Serbs say this, but all those who had met him, including the Rabi of Serbia.

    You’ve obviously never bothered to read any of the Patriarch’s statements or books, but have immediately taken the Western anti-Serbian stand by bringing Srebrenica into the picture. The Patriarch had condemned all war crimes, regardless of who did them, and on whose side. No need to isolate the Srebrenica incident, and at the same time not to mention the incidents where Serbs were the victims, from Jasenovac onwards. By singling out one tragedy, the complex and deep conflicts in the former Yugoslavia get too simplified, and viewers get the wrong picture, that only the non-Serbs were the victims, and that only Serbs had committed war crimes. That is simply wrong.

    Each and every one of the Patriarch’s words were those of love and understanding among peoples and religions (he even started inter-religious dialogue within Serbia), and calls for peace and common sense. The fact that 600,000 people came to his funeral including all of Serbia’s non-Orthodox religious leaders, shows that he was loved by his people and respected by those of different faith.

    Your mental frame probably belongs to Ceda Jovanovic’s LDP, or B92, or those “fabulous” Serbian NGOs. I can not understand how you guys can hate everything and anything Serbian so much, and you are a citizen of this
    country, your name sounds Serbian, you live here, and yet you behave worse than those Western media and politicians during the 1990s. You have ZERO authority to even mention the Patriarch’s name, yet alone say those things about him. I feel very sorry for your poor troubled soul, and you have no idea how tormented it is. I am disgusted by your post.


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