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My Chicken Salad Shit Recipe

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You know, I’ve never really been one to market myself. And I’ve never been one to really care how many people — if any people — visit my blog. There are no hit counters here. There are no clever games here. There are no contests here.

Just as “There is no crying in baseball,” there should be no crying in the blogosphere when one blogger becomes more popular than another. This isn’t high school, people.

And for someone who claims to have as thick a hide as Acidman does, his tenderhearted soul seems to be miffed because another blogger has, he claims, marketed herself to advantage.

Quoth the craven:

When I started blogging, I did it to vent a lot of inner demons. I wrote honestly and I wrote from my soul. I didn’t give a damn where the chips fell. I still don’t.

(emphasis mine). I think you care very deeply where the chips fall. Isn’t that why you devised that little Blogroll Survivor game? Hmm?

And this:

You want to get famous fast? I’ve seen how that’s done. You suck off people’s knowledge about how to set up a site….

I’ve been approached many many times about how to do this and that and the other thing. I either give my advice to the person, or ignore them, whatever my mood happens to be that particular hour/day/minute. You certainly can’t be talking about yourself, Rob, since you are a self-confessed idiot when it comes to all manner of geekery. Who then might you be speaking of? Certainly not me. If it were me, then please stop. I am perfectly capable of fighting my own battles. (People, PLEASE. I know it’s not me he’s talking about; I’m just using that as an example.)

As for showing titties, you mean like this? Or this? So what? It’s been done before and it will be done again. Just because you don’t have your own fine pair is no reason to go around shitting on those of us(them) who do.

You made blogging ugly.

Now here’s where we really disagree. Rob, YOU made blogging ugly by being just as nasty and ugly and hateful as you know how to be. Even to people who have been nothing but nice to you. You shit all over people all the time. Hell, it’s your fucking LIFE’s WORK! You make fun of anyone and everyone you can just for the sheer sake of it. (I have the screenshots to prove it, everyone, so don’t think I don’t know what I’m talking about here.) And that, my friend, is ugly. You can’t even fire off one single e-mail to me without putting a fuck-you into it. I think that’s pretty damn ugly. Find a mirror, Rob, so you can bone up a little more on what ugly really is.

And the bottom line: If your adversary were a man, you’d just redouble your efforts to outdo him. What do you do instead? Well, it’s a female we’re talking about. Let’s just throw out the “c” word, since I have no argument. There’s another “c” word that comes to mind: chickenshit.

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