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My Blog’s Better Than Your Blog

Posted by Joni in General

Sing along, everyone. Surely you all remember that old Ken-L Ration dog food jingle? Arf, arf.

My blog’s better than your blog
My blog’s better than yours.
My blog’s better cuz Reynolds really loves it.
My blog’s better than yours.

Sheesh! I’m with them. Get over it already. I thought Rob’s fall from grace a few weeks ago was embarrassingly ugly. This is worse. It’s only a BLOG. It’s not the secret formula for reproducing Kryptonite, curing cancer or SARS or monkeypox. It’s not even a good secret recipe for flawless flan.

In the scheme of things, I just can’t see anyone with any real intelligence getting worked up over such nonsense. Like being back in fourth grade? No, WORSE! you can excuse nine-year olds their bad behavior. Grown people should know better.

For the reading-comprehension impaired: Grown-ups (adults; those who have reached majority) should know better. Yeesh.

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