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My Behind

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Well, not exactly, but it made you look, right?

It’s just that I’m so far behind in everything that needs doing right now. As you may know, I had to give up my beloved 300ZX in favor of a Honda Accord (which I’ve named Jane F. Honda). Only after purchasing the Honda did I win a seat on the board of the Z Club of Houston. I really enjoy it, but it does take quite a chunk of my time.

The rest of my time has been devoted to overseeing the bathroom redo (widening the doorway, dispensing with the linen cabinet, all to make room for Robert’s wheelchair). I’ve been threatening to post some photos of the redo, since I finally got my Mavica out of the repair shop last week.

I’ve also been helping some people with their blogs. On that note, I will announce that I’m ready to hang out my web design shingle again, starting this month. Loretta has first dibs on my time for a blog makeover. Details to follow.

I’m still slogging away at work, but it’s kinda slow right now so I’ve been closing out old files and revamping existing files in preparation for exiting the desk. Once I go on extended family leave, I’ll go back to the float pool. And probably won’t return to the position I have now. We’ll just have to wait and see. I’ve always loved being a floater here at the Firm. I seem to derive more satisfaction from that than a permanent desk. You know the old saying, “Familiarity breeds contempt.

Robert is still at the long-term, acute care facility, and will be until next week. Hopefully at that time, he’ll go back to TIRR to finish out his rehab prior to finally coming home after — how many months? By that time (early- to mid-April), seven months!!

There are a lot of things going on with Robert, his emotional and mental state, the battles he’s had to fight, not the least of which proves to be the doctors and nurses themselves in some cases. You know, the disease is worse than the cure and the doctors not only take your money, like lawyers, but then they kill you, too! Yeep!

I am trying to encourage him to get more interested in the computer, to get some direction in his life, since he doesn’t seem to have one now and is quite upset, despondent and confused about his situation. I have no words to ease his pain, since I’m (1) not a trained professional; and (2) can’t imagine what he must be going through, and hope I never have to. It’s hard to sit by and watch someone you care about go through all this pain, both physical and mental. But what else is there to do. He has to work through this himself. So I thought perhaps an online journal of his own might be his ticket to sorting out his thoughts. Does the world need another blog? I’m sure not. But at least his may end up being from a unique perspective. We’ll just wait and see. Personally, although I think it may do him good and occupy a goodly portion of his day, somehow, being the private person that he is, he probably won’t.

I’ve also been experimenting with another blogging tool called WordPress. It is the natural progresson of B2, which was abandoned last year by its developers. It seems to be a very powerful blogging tool, with the capability of password protecting certain posts. So if you have something you only want your close friends to read, simply assign a password to that post and give it only to those for whose eye’s it’s meant. No fiddling around with cookies, scripts or .htaccess files. Wonderful.

Best part? Importation of existing MT blogs and their comments too! A testbed of this blog can be found at jonimueller.com: www.jonimueller.com/blog. For some reason, the three comments from the very last post before this one (Geekery) didn’t cross over. I have no idea why. But the rest of them did. Plus, it can be skinned. So head on over. I’ve got the Charlize Theron skin up right now and haven’t fiddled around with any others yet. I won’t devote any effort to that until I live with the program for awhile and see if I like it.

If I decide to switch to WordPress, I’ll just put a redirect at this site and run everything from the jonimueller.com domain. Which is what I should have been doing in the first place.

Whether or not I stick with MT or go to WP, I need to weed out my blogrolls. I’ve been behind in reading lately and have noticed that my little blog universe has gone to hell in a handbasket. Time to get those pruning shears out, boys and girls. I’m not officially linking or delinking anyone, and the absence of a blog once present on the roll means nothing more than I’m throwing ballast overboard and only the most near and dear will get to hang around on the rolls. I’m definitely going to drop the “Reciprocal Links” since they are quite long and really serve no purpose as they are somewhat duplicative of what’s already on the other rolls.

Once I finish that batch of blog housekeeping tasks, I’m sure it will be time to sweep and mop the floors and scrub the toilet.

Ah. Such is life!

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