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Must. Stop. Making. Skins.

Posted by Joni in General

Okay, one last skin design for the evening. This must be a record for me. Not only did I bang out two new designs for Kevin at WizBang!, but created five (!) new skins for Jennifer at Finding Her Life, one design for Jeff at PuckBlog, a design for a Houston blogger (unveiling soon), but also put up six new designs here. That is a total of 14 designs in four days. This must be some kind of sick record. I hope not to break it any time soon.

Wonder why my eyes hurt?

Latest handiwork: Skin featuring actress Charlize Theron and a big departure from my usual designs. I got some inspiration from Fresh Styles for Web Designers: Eye Candy From the Underground, which I’d originally panned the minute I flipped through it. But some of the designs did seem to inspire me.

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