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Jarabe de Palo, a rock band heralding from Barcelona, headed up by Pau Dones, is a great band, even if you don’t understand a lick of Spanish or Portuguese.

I first caught the band on Mun2 (moon-doh), a music variety show on one of the Spanish stations here in Houston. They were doing a great, bluesy number called Dos Dias In La Vida (Two Days in My Life). I fell in love with it because I love blues anyway. Turns out, Pau wrote this for Celia Cruz to sing (it’s on her latest CD, in a more restrained, less jumpy, Salsa version). And I then proceeded to procure some more (thank you, Amazon.com). Another one that I really like is Vuelta Y Vuelte. The first time I went onto the Internet looking for information about the band, they didn’t have a website, but I did find this snippet and a great rendering of the very sexy Pau Dones. And this has NOTHING to do with my love of the music, I promise, but he is pretty easy on the eyes. Or was, I should say. Now, he’s shaved his head. Arghhh! Is there no justice in the world. Fortunately, it hasn’t hampered his ability to make great music. And the band now has its own website .

Incidentally, on the Dos Dias in La Vida track, you can hear a tad bit of Celia Cruz’s version at the very end. And on Vuelta Y Vuelte, you can hear a very interesting instrument at the beginning and end, the aboriginal didgeridoo (or “didge” as it’s sometimes called). All in all, I think a very interesting and somewhat obscure musical selection for a Sunday evening. But it’s what’s playing in the old jalopy AND on WinAmp right now!

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