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Moving Day

Posted by Joni in General

You know, I had no idea how much was involved in moving a site from Point A to Point B and none of it seems to be in a straight line. There is of course moving all the images and other files from my old site to the new one (thank heaven for FTP!). And having to either resubmit my new URL to the web rings I belong to or at least logging in to change the URL (which is nice when it can happen this way). And I never could figure out how to change the URL on My Blog: HOT OR NOT, so I just deleted the old one and am waiting for the HTML code to arrive by e-mail. So I’m leaving the HOT OR NOT link there, but since I deleted the compassnet site it pointed to, you’ll just be taken to someone else’s blog….

And that’s not even to mention the other housekeeping matters attendant with changing the e-mail address I’ve been using since I first entered the Information Superhighway back in the fall of 1997! I had to go to all my financial sites to chance my e-mail address.

Hopefully, we won’t be doing this again anytime soon!

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