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Moving and Shaking

Posted by Joni in General

I got an offer I couldn’t refuse from AffordableHOST. They’re offering their current customers a whopping 50% discount on all CPanel 2-4 accounts. And I’m tired of having all of my various sites scattered all over the internet. So I signed up for CPanel 4 with 1000 megabytes of web space (talk about wide open spaces all around!) and with www.jonimueller.com as the primary domain. I’m going to treat jonielectric.com, z-gal.com and purrz.net as add-ons, so there’s room for everyone and their galleries.

I’ve already pointed jonimueller.com to the new nameserver but haven’t done that with the other sites yet. I am going to back them all up tonight, then upload them to their new home on the Luna server and then make the nameserver changes this weekend.

The great thing about this deal is that once I’ve moved the other three accounts, I’ll get a refund of all unused fees. Do I need to tell you again that AffordableHOST is a great web host? I didn’t think so.

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