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As if there weren’t already a number of compelling reasons to switch from Blogger to Movable Type, I just now, after only about 10 minutes of easy work, imported my old YACCS comments from Blogger (the old Compassnet blog) to Movable Type. If you don’t believe me, go take a peek at some of the archives. I’ve only been posting here on Movable Type since September 15, so anything older than that was an old Blogger/YACCS post.

Here is a great tutorial on importing comments from YACCS (scroll down a bit or search the page for the word YACCS), along with some other interesting MT hacks.

The only thing hindering anyone from using MT, IMHO, is the server/web host they are using. Unless your webhost does not allow direct access (via either FTP or telnet) to your CGI-BIN files and the ability to CHMOD them (set permissions) yourself, then you should consider it.

The reason MT is better than GreyMatter is the ease with which you can migrate from Blogger to MT. With GreyMatter, it’s quite a bit more difficult. I was a bit upset at learning that I couldn’t (without a GREAT DEAL of difficulty) import my previous Blogger entries into GM. For some reason, I had my heart set on it, even though it repeatedly crashed the server at my old Compassnet site. When I got it through my head it just wasn’t gonna happen, I looked more closely at MT. And now, I’m glad I did. There’s a wealth of information on the MT forums, lots of knowledgeable people willing to lend a hand, and a lot of development of plugins for MT.

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