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Movable Design!

Posted by Joni in General

You may have noticed (or not) there’s a slightly new look to the site. I figured I’d play around with a nice MT template I found at blogstyle.com, the brainchild of kadyellebee.com. I took her basic three column template and just futzed around with the banner section. I couldn’t simply abandon the red toenails theme. That would cause much too much consternation over at Gut Rumbles.

So let’s see how this looks and feels on different browsers and platforms. If you have any problems with this site now, please e-mail me and let me know what you saw (or didn’t see), what kind of browser you are using and what platform you are on….

Get used to this. Every three or four months (or whenever I see something new I want to try), I’ll change up the look of my site. My poor Z-Car Site and my Cats’ Site have been through more changes than a four day old baby with a bout of diarrhea! (I know, bad analogy, but you get the picture!).


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