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Mourning Has Broken

Posted by Joni in General

I’ve been watching the news. Looks like it’s “official.” CNN quoted NASA as saying “the shuttle is gone” and that there is “no hope” for the survivors. (Was there EVER, once it became apparent what happened?)

We lost a handful of accomplished, talented people on that mission. The darling of Israel, an accomplished pilot, full of hope for something better for his country. This mission was going to be the bright light shining on a dim, grim country torn by war and strife.

Acidman refers to this shuttle mission as a “space flight that accomplished nothing.” Because they weren’t learning how to make home brewed beer better, or perfect penile pumps, or create a better tasting peanut, they were accomplishing nothing. Give me a fucking break, dude.

I’m pissed and I’m sad and I’m annoyed and I’m frustrated. But I’m not speechless. More later.

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