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Mother, May I Apologize to Treacher?

Posted by Joni in General

Boy, was I had. There was a comment from a Jim Treacher[1] at a blog I visited today. This Jim-Treacher-Person posted some WHOIS information and I ate his ass out over it.

What struck me as odd was that he decided to put in one of those lovely fake email addresses — you know the kind, the kind I was always getting at my blogskin download site until I got smart and got a script that mailed the blogskin — so if you wanted it, you had to “come clean” with your real email address — anyway, I have read Jim Treacher‘s site before and he always seemed to me like a really sensible, level-headed guy. In fact, I even prefaced my diatribe with “Jim, until just now, I thought you were a pretty smart fella,” because I DID think he was!

Well, apparently he still is. This other person was an interloper. You know, this whole thing is making my head hurt. It’s like that sick soda commercial. Where Johnny Carson unzips himself and becomes Carson Daily, who unzips himself and becomes Carmen Electra, who unzips herself to become….

Anyway, Jim, I’m very sorry I mistook you for just another moon bat. To the moon bat posting as Jim: Take a long walk off a short pier.

That is all. Now I have some crow to eat. As soon as I take my foot out of my mouth.

[1] I went back and read the entire thread where “Jim” posted and he didn’t even post as Jim Treacher, but merely as Jim. What the hell I was thinking about at the time I fired off that retort baffles me. But it does prove one thing (well it proves a lot of things, but I don’t have the time and neither do you), it does prove that we all are capable of jumping to erroneous conclusions. With less than stellar results. I’m living proof.

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