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I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, weathered the relatives, the outcome of the football games and everything else….

We just sat around and ate yesterday. Robert roasted a small turkey and we had a pretty traditional feast. We each withdrew to our respective “inner sanctums” — Robert to watch football and me to try to wrestle my latest computer project to the ground: GeekLog. I also decided to tear apart the “About Blogging” page I’d created, made a separate blog out of it so it could be indexed, sorted and commented on. Check it out here.

I’ll add most of my “geekstuff” there, along with any HTML or CSS tips and tricks I’ve learned and new software I find. In fact, one of the things left to do is go through this blog and take out all the geekstuff and put it over there.

I also have been trying to (very loose use of the word) move my Galleries around. There’s a lot of unused space at my second domain, jonimueller.com, so I’ve decided to move all the photo galleries there, except now I’m having some mod_rewrite issues with that server. Yeesh.

I’ll post my latest photo soon. The one showing all the HAIR missing from my head after I tear what’s left of it out this weekend….

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