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I spent most of the day with Robert today. I arrived late last night and stayed over. We enjoy our mornings together and waking up and sharing thoughts over coffee always has been — and probably always will be — a great treat. No matter where we are.

TIRR (the rehab place he’s currently at) has a washer and dryer on each floor so I went ahead and did his week’s laundry. I’ve bought him some snazzy new threads, some shorts and sweat pants and knit shirts to wear to the gym. He’s roused by the nurses early each day, and after breakfast, he’s expected to get dressed, right down to his socks and sneakers. Then he’s ready for his classes, his occupational therapy, physical therapy and an hour each morning and each afternoon at the gym. They’ve got some great equipment in there. A couple of Bow-Flex machines, and lots of other stuff that looks like it belongs in a Medieval torture chamber, not a hospital. But he’s doing really great and the workout seems to give him a good sense of accomplishment. Especially since there are always a few there at any given time who are worse off than he is. Nothing like realizing, in the midst of a pity party, that no matter how bad you think you have it, there is ALWAYS someone who has it worse.

His mood seems to be upbeat and he gets more and more strength and movement in his legs every day. Hope floats!

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