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Monsters of the Gnjilani Group

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WARNING: The following text contains graphic descriptions. Reader discretion is strongly advised.

Albanians in the Serbian southern town of Presevo, close to Kosovo, have again protested over the so-called Gnjilane group arrest. Serbian police, accompanied with TV cameras, have recently arrested 10 out of 17 terrorists from the UCK or Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), from the so-called Gnjilane Group. Gnjilane is a town in Kosovo. Out of the seven KLA terrorists still at large, 3 are in Gnjilane and Serbia is negotiating with UNMIK for them to be handed over to Serbian authorities, and the other 4 are somewhere abroad.

Television crews were there the whole time, those arrested were not beaten or tortured, and the Albanians are now trying to present the whole story as a violation of their human rights, as a political issue. The reality is this: those arrested are accused of some of the worst war crimes against Serbs, and the Serbian authorities have the proof.

In Kosovo’s municipalities of Gnjilane, Vitina, Kamenica and Novo Brdo the arrested men and others of the Gnjilane Group have done such things as mutulation, slaughtering, neck-slitting, shooting at close range. Their victims included babies and pregnant women, and 80 year old men. The only criteria was that the victims were Serbs, who were kidnapped and then murdered in the ways described above. Serbs were taken from their homes, apartments, roads, fields…

When the members of the Gnjilane group were arrested, a large quantity of weapons was found in their possession, also well documented by Serbian television cameras.

So, these are not innocent Albanians whose rights have been politically opressed. That story, by the way, is really getting old. The arrested men were monsters. And if Albanian citizens in Southern Serbia want to protest, fine, it is their democratic right, but they should know that they are in that case supporting hard core war criminals, and that should not give them sympathy worldwide. The protesters in Presevo carried banners such as: “KLA fighters do not belong to jail”, “We want freedom”, “We want Nato in the Presevo Valley”…

Taken from a Serbian daily KURIR article:


Ms. Slavica Vuksanovic (45) is one of the few who have survived the horror and torture of the KLA Gnjilane Group. This Serbian woman will remember June 23, 1999 and the four following days of Hell for as long as she lives.

She and others were taken out of a bread queue in front of a bakery, by Albanians in black uniforms with KLA insignia.

– We were taken out of the queue and ducktaped over our mouths. We were stuffed in a vehicle and taken to Gavran settlement, to a former high school dormatory. We were hit on the way there. In the building, judging by the cries and screams, we concluded that about 100 other kidnapped Serbs were there. Cries for help came from all sides but there was nothing we could do. The two us, women, were taken to a dark basement filled with other inmates. Some woman dressed in a KLA uniform beat us with a bat, kicked us with boots, pulled our hair. She wanted to know where the Yugoslav Army and the Serbian Police were. Each question was followed by more hitting. After that, we were taken to the second floor, and tied to heating radiators. Then the KLA men came and continued their bestiality. The woman in the black uniform would put a pillow over the women’s faces in order to disguise the cries, and the uniformed Albanian men would rape the Serbian women, one by one – Slavica concludes the testimony of the terrifying ordeal.

During 1999 alone, 159 Serbs in the town of Gnjilane were kidnapped and tortured, and at least 51 Serbs were brutally murdered by the so-called KLA Gnjilane Group.

Almost ten years later, Serbs in Gnjilane continue to live in fear and uncertainty for their lives. Out of the 10,000 Serbian residents who had at one time lived there, only about 100 of them remain. Many Albanian butchers who perpetrated those barbaric acts against innocent Serbian civilians, still remain free, to date.

Ms. Suncica Paunovic (35), mother of 3 children of minor age, says she lost her husband Jovica and his uncle Dragan Arsic. On June 23, 1999, her husband and his uncle went to sell some fruits and vegetables and collect some money that an Albanian owed them. Since then, she has not heard from them since. She says she had reported them missing to the US marines stationed nearby, but nothing happened. They even gave their entire life savings of 15,000 German Marks to some Albanians who said they had some information. The Albanians took the money but the information led nowhere, and she still knows nothing new.

Ms. Cveta Nojkic (41) spends every day living and knowing that her loved ones are not alive anymore. The Albanian terrorists – is there any other way to call them – murdered her husband Stanko (33), father in law Blagoje (60), and brother in law Branko (30). On January 16, 2000, they were killed by members of the KLA Gnjilane Group at an administrative checkpoint close to the administrative border with Serbia proper.

– At first they were beaten by some iron objects. Their skulls were broken apart, their faces unrecognizable, and their bodies could hardly be recognized as well. The 3 men cried for help as they were still alive. American troops who serve within KFOR, who were standing close by, did nothing.


Ms. Paunovic recalls what she described as the most horrible event of all that took place at that former high school dorm. One KLA member took a baby out of the arms of a tortured woman. In just a few seconds, he quickly brought the baby to his knife. The mother let out a huge cry of pain, and went in shock. Just seconds later, her baby was dead. Another woman, well in her pregnancy, was raped. While they were raping her, they released beastly and animal-type sounds, not human.


The security of Serbs in Gnjilane is beyond an acceptable civilized minimum, and is reduced to simply the good will of the Albanians, who use the remaining 100 or so Serbs to show to the international community that Kosovo is a multi-ethnic state. Serbs are used as display items, almost like animals in a Zoo, to portray Kosovo’s so-called democracy in a so-called multi-ethnic and so-called multi-religious so-called state.

From Serbian daily Vecernje Novosti article:

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