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Monday, Monday…

Posted by Joni in Daily Grind, General


I have never been so happy to be out of the office as I was tonight. We are moving this week and the movers were demolishing some metal shelving in the room across from my workstation. For about an hour. It was horrible.

Then, we got an email at 5PM warning us that our document management system, email and pretty much every damn thing, would be down for “critical system maintenance” between 9:30 and 11PM. I’m thinking, great, I can relax the last 90 minutes of the night.

After that, I ended up down on another floor, needed some Excel help and of course couldn’t get it. I ended up Googling for my answer and found “you can’t get there from here.” So I couldn’t do what I wanted to do with the spreadsheet without overhauling some of the data and the attorney wasn’t going for that.

Back up on my floor we had plenty do to and I quickly reminded my buddy that we needed to save our work to our desktops if we wanted to keep working on it. And work we did. Right up to the last second. I was never so happy to turn my key in the door and greet my cat who was as happy to see me as I was him! Rinse, repeat.

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