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Mistress of the Dark

Posted by Joni in General

Since I couldn’t play around with my AMM or IMDB plugins tonight to get you that hand picked scary movie list, I thought I’d slap up a Halloween design. Sorry, kids, but since the image came from iStockPhoto.com, there’s no porting it to a theme. I know it’s prolly kinda hard on the eyes, but hey, nothing says Dark Master like black and red, eh?

But wolverines that you all are, feel free to leave comments about any aspect of the design that you like or don’t like or any misbehaviours. I was in a hurry and hopped up on Diet Dr Pepper when I threw this thing together!


  1. Rori

    I like it. I do not see any red? Firefox 1280x, Windows XP.


  2. Joni

    Rori, the Blood Red is in the link hover.

    Thanks for stopping by!



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