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Miss Prunella Pissy Pants

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You know, I’m just going to quit reading blogs tonight because this shit is really starting to irritate me. I read this tripe:

But for everyone who calls themself a friend who stood idly by as Moxie’s character was assasinated? For shame. Moxie and I have never been pals in any sense, but I saw another blogger being (what I felt was) copied, and later, saw her a victim of the worst kind of characterization, being called awful things.

here. JesusfuckingholymarymotherofgodChrist! So someone got called a name. On the Internet! Who woulda thunk it.

Where was she when shit like this was going on? Hmm? Hmm? I’ve been called, by one blogger at least, a fat wide ass, and worse. And this same asshole blogger has suggested that I suck the dick of Sean Penn, among other things. I was pretty disgusted, and YES, my feelings were hurt, too. Where was she then? Did anyone rally to MY defense? Nope. Did anyone send me encouraging e-mails? Nosiree Bob.

Know why? Cuz I’m not popular enough, Glenn Reynolds does not link to me, and Andrew Sullivan doesn’t even know I exist. Since I’m SOOOO unpopular and not too well traveled, me and my blog mean shit to the poseurs in the [makes quotation gesture now] Blogosphere and they can’t be bothered to sully their fine reputations by hanging out here! Gasp!! Fine. Stay away. Or if you’re already here, please GO the fuck away.


I mean it.



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