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Tomorrow I start a Word 97 (2000?) training class for three days. It will be excruciating. I don’t think they grouped us according to our skill level and I know for a fact one of the women in my class is hard of hearing. This isn’t so bad in itself, but she refuses to sit in the front of the room! Geesh! My friend (who is also in the class with me, my sistah in suffering!), told me to bring a couple of pillows. I think I shall have to. The only good thing about these classes is that they usually have goodies to eat, and since I’m on another floor, when we break for lunch, I won’t feel compelled to go back to my desk at noon (I hope), so maybe I can get out and go to lunch tomorrow. And the day after that… and the day after that!

You have to understand one thing about me. I consider myself very computer literate and I pick up on new things very quickly. Although I’ve been using one form or another of WordPerfect since 1988, I’ve been dabbling in Word and am in fact a Certified Word 97 Specialist (brainbench.com). Of course, that’s a dubious accollade. The point is, I never had any formal training using Access 97 (Microsnot’s database program), or any other database program for that matter. Yet, I figured out how to set up a database for my boss to run her matter indexes. And another one that creates and updates each client’s file listing. And it even prints the file labels. So I’m not sure how much I can learn in these next three days that I haven’t already figured out on my own. I’m not being arrogant here, just realistic. Meanwhile, back at the desk…. the work piles up for three days, eekk!

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