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Miami Port First to File Suit to Halt Takeover

Posted by Joni in General

Michelle Malkin reported the lack of concern regarding the proposed management of six of the United States’ major ports by a Saudi-controlled agency.

The Port of Miami has now drawn its line in the sand.

I’d wondered from the first time I read about this which six ports were involved. This story names them: New York, New Jersey, Baltimore, New Orleans, Miami and Philadelphia. Did I read that right? New York? New York has already experienced terrorism of unparalleled proportions. How can any New Yorker not in a coma or living at the bottom of a well not be up in arms over this prospect? New Orleans? It’s still reeling from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and, hot on her heels, Rita.

Perhaps this lawsuit is the catalyst that will prompt the other Port Authorities to legal action. Especially if Miami is successful in stopping this, even temporarily, while the powers that be come to their senses.

New Jersey lawmaker Frank LoBiondo (R), chairman of the Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation Subcommittee, cited “significant” security worries over the sale to Dubai Ports World. He has proposed a bill that would amend federal maritime laws to require facility security officers, which operate at terminals in every U.S. port, to be American citizens. LoBiondo said there are presently no citizenship requirements, which he said permits foreign companies who are or become partners in domestic terminal operations to employ security officers who are not Americans.

We cannot be lax about our nation’s security nor fail to recognize that our ports are realistic targets of terrorists.

This kind of comes under the category, “No Shit, Sherlock!”

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