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Sheesh, it’s hard to express frustration with a situation without someone taking it too damn personally.

You are now chatting with ‘support’

support: Welcome to xxx.com’s chat service, there is a live person responding to your service inquiries. Please wait a moment while we route you to the next available service person, depending on the volume this can take several minutes.

support: Hello. How may I assist you?

me: I seem to be having trouble changing my name server information.

support: May I have domain and DNS please?

me: mysite.com
me: xxxxx & xxxxx
me: (those are the new ones)

support: Yes. This cannot be get updated as issue up with xxx domain registry at global registry. Two options.. one .. wait for couples of days and then try to update dns… other option.

me: I’ve already been out 5 days and now I have to wait even longer? This freaking sucks.

(mind you, at this point, I’m waiting & waiting for the next sentence that never comes)

support: Then go for other option.

(This came up the same time my next sentence does:)

me: Did you say there were 2 options? Did I miss the 2nd one?

support: I am going to say that.. but you are out of patience and dont want to listen to that.

(no, but I’m going to get there if you don’t stop your little posturing)

me: No, I’m not mad at you guys. The situation I’m in sucks. It’s my host that’s the problem. I’m sorry that wasn’t clear to you.

(The whole time, I’m thinking, why should I apologize to you? Just because I’m venting doesn’t mean it’s directed at you personally. Geez, lighten up! But if I say that, the person will probably stop helping me.)

support: Second option… contact your hosting company and get back to me with IP address at which this domain is hosted so I can directly point this domain to that IP.

me: Okay, I’ll see what I can find out. Do I need to come back to chat & let you know, or should I email…?

support: Better you e-mail me IP address and domain name at xxxxxx

me: Oh, wait, I think I know my IP address. You’re talking about the IP for mysite.com, correct?

support: No. IP address of webserver at which this domain is hosted currently.

(Doh! I told you I’m not an expert!)

me: ok, I’ll email them & see what I can find out. Thanks.

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