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Mayday Project

Posted by Joni in General

I signed up for the May Day project this year. And we’d planned to go to the Houston Art Car parade Saturday. That would have been a great photo op. But our air conditionining has been out since Wednesday evening and the A/C repairman didn’t show up until about 11:30 a.m. Saturday. Not enough time for us to get ready to get to the parade by noon. So we blew it off.

Besides, I had two web projects I was working on this weekend and basically spent the weekend in front of the computer. I did sit outside Saturday morning for awhile and took some photos of the cats.

I watched a great movie on DVD on my computer (because Robert was watching a different DVD on our big TV). It was actually pretty nice. I took a screen shot of it I was so impressed.

I’ll post the photos from the May Day Project tomorrow evening after I get home from work. I’ve got a guy to go snuggle up next to. Plus a cat or two.

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