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Master of Your Domain?

Posted by Joni in General

This entire inane post is proof that I’m putting off doing that which I do not want to do (rinse out pantyhose and iron clothes for work next week). Do I have a lot to do around the house? Yep. Do I have a case of the Sunday lazies? You betcha. As a result, I offer you this. Meanwhile, I’m headed to the kitchen for a bowl of ice cream.

Dawn Olsen was wondering on her blog recently whether she should continue with Blogger and all its foibles or join the exodus to Movable Type. Someone else commented that upyours.nu was available (gee, I bet it was Moxie, eh?).

Anyway, here’s a handy dandy list I’ve compiled for some of my most-read blogs. According to Network Solutions, some of their nicknames are available; others aren’t. Check to see if you are indeed master of your domain:

Gut Rumbles:
acidman.com – Not available
acidman.org – Not available
acidman.net – AVAILABLE!
acidman.us – AVAILABLE!
gutrumbles.com – AVAILABLE!
gutrumbles.org – AVAILABLE!
gutrumbles.net – AVAILABLE!
gutrumbles.us – AVAILABLE!

Da Goddess:
dagoddess.com – AVAILABLE!
dagoddess.org – AVAILABLE!
dagoddess.net – AVAILABLE!
dagoddess.us – AVAILABLE!
hairytoes.com – AVAILABLE!
hairytoes.org – AVAILABLE!
hairytoes.net – AVAILABLE!
hairytoes.us – AVAILABLE!

sugarmama.com – Not Available
sugarmama.net – Not Available
sugarmama.org – AVAILABLE!
sugarmama.biz – AVAILABLE!

Majik Marc(er):
majicmarc.com – AVAILABLE!
mjicmarc.org – AVAILABLE!
majicmarc.net – AVAILABLE!
majicmarc.us – AVAILABLE!

Dawn Olsen’s Blog:
upyours.com, .org, .net, .us – Not Available
up-yours.org – AVAILABLE!
up-yours.us – AVAILABLE!
up-yours.biz – AVAILABLE
dawnolsen.com – AVAILABLE!
dawnolsen.org – AVAILABLE!
dawnolsen.net – AVAILABLE!
upyours.nu – AVAILABLE! (as someone pointed out on Dawn’s blog)

The Fine Art of Bitching:
supremebitch.com – Not Available
supremebitch.org – AVAILABLE!
supremebitch.net – AVAILABLE!
supremebitch.us – AVAILABLE!

Right Wing Texan:
rightwingtexan.com – Not Available
rightwingtexan.org – AVAILABLE
rightwingtexan.net – AVAILABLE
rightwingtexan.biz – AVAILABLE
lifeafter50.coml – Not Available
lifeafter50.org – Not Available
lifeafter50.biz – AVAILABLE
lifeafter50.net – AVAILABLE
lifeafter50.us – AVAILABLE

And there you have it….

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