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Long Weekend

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I’m looking forward to this long weekend. Gee, you are probably thinking to yourselves, isn’t she working part-time right now anyway? And didn’t she just work three days this week? Well, yes, I did. But don’t think for a minute that my Bossette didn’t squeeze five days’ worth of work out of me in those three.

I have nothing planned this weekend except some laundry (which is a breeze to do; just tote it — two tubs’ worth — to the launderette, after it’s in, read an e-book on my PDA, wait for the rinse cycle to add Downey, sit and read some more, drop it in the dryer, read, check, fold). Plus a little grocery shopping.

And I’m going to be fiddling with my websites this weekend: webjones.org is getting an overhaul, being converted from .html to .php, abandoning GreyMatter for the blogskins gallery (and doing away with the Karma votes since people weren’t leaving constructive comments). That will be turned into an MT sub-blog (MT is already driving the front page), along with the portfolio. Comments will be activated for the blogskins gallery, probably won’t be for the portfolio page.

I’ve also got a test install of TextPattern up at webjones.org and am fooling around with the stylesheet and underpinnings to see if TXP can run the site. Right now, I’m inclined to stick with what I know.

And money’s tight right now what with the renovation and constant purchasing of medical supplies. HIRE ME, SOMEONE. I’m not cheap, but I’m reasonable. And I’m probably better than your cousin’s next-door neighbor’s kid who has a bootleg copy of Frontpage. ;-)

Right now, I’m headed to the kitchen to get some cookies and milk for Robert and me. Then we’ll probably watch something cheesy on TV until bedtime.

Take care everyone. Be safe and have fun this Memorial Day weekend.

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