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Loathesome Dove

Posted by Joni in General

Since I’m full of piss and vinegar this evening, let the bitching continue. Here’s my personal (and current for now; it is always subject to change) Top Ten list of loathesome, vile and evil things:

  1. The progeny of my upstairs neighbors.

  2. Idiots with subwoofers bigger and more expensive than the vehicle they’re installed in.

  3. People who tell you not to take it personally. These are usually people who have done something specific to piss me, personally, off. I just won’t buy that sorry excuse.

  4. Any piece of computer software that, upon installation, scatters its icons on my desktop, system tray, toolbar or elsewhere WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. Nothing causes me to want to check out that software’s uninstall feature faster!

  5. SUV, Blazer, Ford Expedition/Excursion/Explorer, minivan, Suburban and Yukon drivers, whomever and wherever you may be. And you know who you are.

  6. The person who gets in the express line at the grocery store with not just one or two items more than the maximum allowed, but who has a basketfull of items. Next time, I WILL hurt you.

  7. Spammers who think if they use my name in the Subject line that I won’t figure out the message is spam and delete it immediately.

  8. People who are either getting on or off an elevator and who insist on finishing the conversation they’re having with another person on the elevator or on the floor, holding the door open, while everyone else’s life is put on hold just so they can finish their precious convo about little Ashley or Courtney’s scholastic achievements.

  9. People who use cell phones on queue and who insist on carrying on their conversation even though they are holding up the line. Go find a chair, sit down and finish your convo and THEN get back in the line. It’s not rocket science. Next time I catch you, I WILL ram that teeny tiny cell phone right up your aural canal. Promise.

  10. Children at the laundromat who use the laundry carts as toys. I laugh my happy little behind right off when one of them ends up falling off of one, and then sits there, befuddled, crying. Shoulda known better. After all, there IS that sign….

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