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Live From the 18th Floor

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I came up last night after stopping off at home to feed the cats. I stayed the night and had hoped to get an early start at home. But I ended up not only having breakfast with Robert this morning, but just as I was leaving, they brought lunch (1:15PM). I had to snap a photo of the gorgeous spread. According to its brochure, this hospital has the best hospital food in Texas. (This may be a dubious distinction; my only personal experiences with hospital food were the ubiquitous juice, Jell-O and broth combo — where the only way to distinguish breakfast from lunch from dinner was to watch the color of the Jell-O change!)

Here’s a photo of Robert’s lunch; he couldn’t wait to start attacking it!

And here’s a photo showing the main course. It smelled heavenly. (As for me, I ended up stopping and grabbing a burger from the neighborhood Jack in the Box on the way home.) What puzzles me about this is that this morning, his breakfast consisted of some oatmeal, gravy, egg (no biscuit!), and a banana. Which is loaded with potassium. Which a diabetic shouldn’t have. The nurse’s aide who came in to take his blood sugar reading hit the roof when she found his glucose was around 300. Then they turn around at lunch and give him potatoes (starch) and peas and carrots (carrots contain a lot of sugar also). And each tray is accompanied by a list of the foods ordered with the warning that the menu selections have been modified by the person’s physician. Hrm. Anyway….


And it sounded like a vampires convention with one nurse cackling about the big juicy vein and the other one going on about how it was “right there” and she just couldn’t “get to it”! {{Shivers}}

Anyway, after lunch, and while the camera was still handy, I snapped two shots out his hospital room window. The first one shows some construction — a common site in Houston; the second is a view of the new Reliant Stadium peeking through the buildings. These views are toward the South-Southwest.

View 1: Construction of Course!

View 2: Reliant Stadium

He’s still expecting to be able to go home some time Monday, but perhaps it will be Tuesday. It’s all up to the doctor. Meanwhile, I’m signing off to get some housework done.

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