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List of things that pissed me off or annoyed me this week…

Posted by Joni in General

Shamelessly snarfed from Liberty’s See-Through Head….

10. Buggy Greymatter patch (a gunzip file that refused to gunzip).
9. Having the damn thing spawn processes and run amok on the Compassnet server.
8. Receiving a semi-nasty-gram from usually-wonderful Tim at Compassnet warning me to stop running the damn thing or he was gonna take my website down.
7. Realizing that I’d never have that really kewl Perl Calendar for my blog since it doesn’t look like I can run Greymatter on my web site.
6. Realizing I’m fighting a losing battle against my workload at the office.
5. Being “volunteered” by my boss (who acknowledges that I’m overburdened) to help a lawyer on another team because “his secretary was just too busy.”
4. Having to stay until 10:30 last night clearing up loose ends and getting my desk ready for the floater (I’m on vacation now until well after the Labor Day holidays).
3. After the “rush” (see annoyance no. 5) was out the door, being asked to yank the service copies because the lawyer decided he wanted to “make a few changes” to the documents. (This time, I told him I was busy and he’d have to get his secretary to take care of it; what a bitch I am!)
2. Lawyers. ALL lawyers, but especially fucktards named Gordon Williams. <-- This was from Liberty's list, and well, gosh, I pretty much have to AGREE with her, except for the Gordon Williams part. 1. Being volunteered a second time by my boss, but this time to help out one of the lawyers on my team. After hurriedly editing three documents, I overheard her telling my boss she'd miscalculated the date and today was not the deadline after all. (Gee, does this mean I can STOP TYPING LIKE A HOUSE ON FIRE? They turned around and looked at me like *I** was the idiot. The next sound you hear will be my brain hitting the wall.)

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