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Link Stink

Posted by Joni in General

My friend, Rori points out the sheer number of MSN Spaces blogs that appear in this New York magazine article on Linkology. Just for the record, only six[1] of these top 50 appear on my blogroll (and that includes all the other blogs I have). Further, I don’t consider A List Apart to be a blog, but just a CSS resources web site. Thirdly, I am dismayed that Howard Bashman’s How Appealing is less popular than the cited Power Line, a blawg I’ve never heard of. Finally, I’m also surprised that Chris Pirillo’s blog didn’t make the top 50.

[1] Okay, they are: MIchelle Malkin, Dooce, Gizmodo, Engadget, ThoughtMechanics, and A List Apart, and those last two only on my web design site.

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