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Life’s a Beach

Posted by Joni in General

I wish I had better plans for those ten days. This time last year, we took our Dauphin Island vacation. We used this site to check out available beach rentals in Alabama. Why Alabama, you ask? Well, it’s just far enough away. Louisiana is just too close; Mississippi isn’t quite far enough away either. Florida is right there, too, but everyone goes to Florida. So Alabama is just right (said Goldilocks).

The beach rental we had last year was so nice and private. The cottage’s owner said that he owns the entire beach between the porch and the tide line and that people can cross through it but if we don’t want them to camp there on “our” section of beach we are well within our rights to run them off. But we never had to do that while we were there.

I loved taking my cup off coffee out onto the porch and laying back on the chaise and letting myself drift back to sleep. Usually the only thing that would wake me would be the sun in my eyes. Even tho I had my Ray Bans (Wayfarers, of course) on, once that sun got overhead, it WAS HOT. So then I’d gather my towel and empty coffee mug and scamper back into the house, into the cool air conditioning.

I must go back…. (Am I starting to sound like John Masefield now?) Here’s a photo from last year that I snapped while on the ferry.

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