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Life With the Cretins

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Well the “neighbors” are at it again. I came home to find not a scooter in “my” parking space but an entire car. I’m not worried about that. I just pulled in behind him/her/it. Put a nice (really!) note on his/her/its car to come knock on apartment #1 “when you need me to move my car” — like I’m the interloper.

But that wasn’t what annoyed me. What annoyed me was the garbage strewn all over the parking place, driveway and yard. Someone had apparently put two leaf and lawn bags out next to the heavy duty garbage can. And a dog (or dogs, in concert with one another, been reading too many detective novels lately!) came by and rummaged through the garbage and I imagine that’s how some of it came to be in my way. But it doesn’t take a brain cell to figure out that the garbage men (for lack of a more PC term) aren’t going to pick up those bags. The lazy shits will need to put it in the proper trash receptacle for that to happen.

I’m half tempted to take my Mavica out there and snap some photos of it so the landlady can see what they’re doing to her precious property. Sheesh.

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