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Laying Low

Posted by Joni in General

I’ve been laying low for a few days, recharging my batteries. Things are a bit slow at work, so that I finally got my desk drawers and workstation reorganized. I need to trot all my personal items back to the office — the ones I boxed up in glee when I thought I was going back to the float pool. They are sitting here in a banker’s box in the corner of the living room.

Robert and I ate like pigs tonight, twin Lu-Ann fried chicken platters, with identical sides of mac-n-cheese and corn. He’s watching wrestling on TV right now (ugh). I’m piddling around on the computer as usual. Cats aren’t very far away. Look for a new site launch in the next week or so, from a new web hosting client! {{claps hands together excitedly}}

There you have it. All the news that wouldn’t be news without the news.

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