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Lather Up!

Posted by Joni in General

Is there anyone out there who makes glycerin soap by hand? The reason I ask is that I’m cleaning out my computer room and came across some soapmaking supplies I have.

It was a project I started up about 18 months ago. I went at it for awhile, but kind of grew tired of it. As a consequence, I have these items that, rather than waste my time putting up on e-Bay, I’d like to give to a good home.

1 oz. bottle Red
1 oz. bottle Yellow
1 oz. bottle Blue

0.5 oz. bottle Citrus
2 oz. bottle Peaches and Cream
1 oz. bottle Lavender

Five nested 5-sided molds
3 bar molds
1 starfish mold

Approx. 75 small plastic bags/sleeves

I figure shipping on these items to anywhere in the Continental U.S. can’t be more than five bucks. So anyone interested, please send me your mailing address and hit the PayPal link on the side. And you’re good to go!

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