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Laptop for Sale

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My favorite electronics store made me an offer I couldn’t refuse today, so I came home with this little guy and I love it. The Compaq Armada was getting a bit long in the tooth (166MHz) so it’s time to put it up on e-Bay.

I love this thing.

Update Okay so some of you are thirsty for knowledge about the new toy. From the stickers on the wrist rest:

Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.80 GHz
Hard Drive: 40GB
Memory: 512MB DDR SDRAM (expandable to 1024MB)
Display: Radeon IGP 345M at 1024×768
Video Ram: 64MB
Operating System: Windows XP Professional
Peripherals: Touchpad
Connectivity: Ethernet port; 56K modem port
Other Ports: 3 USB 2.0 ports; firewire port; video port; parallel port
Memory stick media slot included
PCMCIA: Two Type I/I; one Type III
CD-RW/DVD Combo Drive
Floppy Disk Drive
Battery Bay
AC Adapter and power cord


So here are the specs on the Armada, which is going up on e-Bay tonight.

Processor: Intel 166MHz With MMX
Hard Drive: Fujitsu 6.0 GB (replaced original 2.0 GB drive)
Memory: 80MB (maximum)
Display: 12.1-inch TFT Active Matrix 800×600 resolution; Cirrus Logic Video
Video RAM: 1MB
Operating System: Windows98 SE
Peripherals: Touchpad module; optical trackball module; black Compaq wheelmouse (PS/2)
Connectivity: Psion 56K PC-Card modem; Belkin 10/100 PC-Card ethernet port
PCMCIA: Two Type I/II; One Type III (16-bit; not Cardbus)
Infrared port; parallel port; serial port
20X CD-ROM Base
Ethernet Pass-Through Base
Two AC power bricks/power cords (one to keep at your desk setup and the other to stow in the case so it’s always ready to travel)
Car/Boat/Plane DC adapter
Battery charger
One handle battery
Two modular batteries
Modular floppy disk drive
Owner’s manual
Service and Maintenance Manual (in 3-ring notebook)
Compaq Nylon Computer Bag
Price: $250 plus $10 shipping/insurance


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