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Kicking In the Door

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I remember one of those days very clearly…. I came back from a student union meeting and hadn’t eaten dinner so I decided go home and ask for some money. It was about half past ten in the evening when I got home. Fifteen minutes later while I was greeting my mother, I heard three or four men calling out in front of our house.

“Are you going to open the door or will we have to break it down?” they were shouting.

My mother looked extremely concerned. She glanced at me and then opened the door. They kicked the door while my mother was opening it and entered the house without taking off their boots. A sergeant came in followed by three privates who took positions at the back of the house. Then two plain-clothed officers and one army captain came in after them. I saw about ten armed soldiers standing outside the house.

The captain, who had an accent, looked at me and then turned to my mother, “We are going to take your son with us,” he said. “We need to ask him some questions.”

This happened to a young student in Burma in 1989.

[British commandoes] burst in, kicked the door down, and dragged [an Iraqi military leader] out,”…

British forces are engaging in so-called “snatch” operations deep into Iraq’s second-largest city, plucking militia leaders and officials of Saddam Hussein’s Baath party in the middle of the night.

This happened just the other day in Iraq.

“The Indian security forces in the middle of the night kicked my door down and ordered us to get out. A soldier took my father?s Koran and tossed it on the floor and jumped on it with his muddy boots.

This happened in Kashmir, India in 1993 to American photo-journalist Martin Sugarman.

Dressed in flak jackets and armed with assault rifles, FBI agents surrounded Maher ?Mike? Hawash in an Intel Corp. parking lot while another heavily armed FBI team swept through his suburban home.

Two weeks later, the Intel contractor sits in a federal prison in solitary confinement, strip-searched every time he leaves and re-enters his cell for an hour of exercise, his friends say.

The father of three has not been charged with any crime.

And this happened just a few weeks ago in Oregon, right here in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

This supression of rights in a country that so openly touts them should be an affront not only to every American citizen, but to every American soldier who is now engaged in battle in the Middle East fighting for the Iraqis’ “rights.” When they finish there, maybe they need to come back home and kick some guvmint ass too. Sheesh.

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