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Key Word Searches

Posted by Joni in General

I was looking at my web logs this evening and here is but a SAMPLING of the tasty search strings used to land here:

AOL Netfind
houston blow jobs
fun things to do for pre teen boys in orange county california today (they’re on AOL, what can I say?)
pantyhose clad lawyers cat fight haven

electric socks (4 people were looking for these)
joel caldwell police galveston cat

golf played in nude (again, 4 perves looking for this)
oh no not again
girl with a wedgie
sheer babydoll
six buttons hell evrsoft
evrsoft virus buttons from hell
hot secretaries who fuck and suck their bosses and employees (Uh, yeah, secretaries are getting screwed right and left in my office, but not the way you think!)

Other Search Engines
hairytoes com (Joanie, he’s looking for you, babe!)
piddle pants skirt (I can only dare to dream what this is about)

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