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Since posting has been light lately, I thought I’d post a catch-up here.

Robert’s foot seems to be on the mend. The private duty nurse is only coming once a week now, down from twice a week. At first, they were coming every day. The doctor has said he can drive. (But as long as the State of Texas says otherwise, he’s not.) We actually had a fight about that several days ago, whereupon I informed him that the only way he was driving my car was in his dreams or over my dead body. I then added that perhaps those were the same two things.

Work has been slow lately, so I’ve been doing a lot of spring cleaning. When my mood permits it. I’d rather sit at the computer and dawdle than actually schlep files around. But I need to do that.

Bossette has been kicking ASS. In the span of the last thirty days, she’s had three victories, the latest one was today. When I left the office this evening, I stopped and congratulated her and called her “Killer.” She blushed and said, “Well, it probably means we are in for a long dry spell.” Nevertheless. Three in a row?! Smackdown! You go girl!

And unfortunately today, when the opinion issued, we had to send our legal assistant, Sally, to fetch the document from the court of appeals, which is about four blocks away. Not a problem except today we had thunderstorms and a tornado watch all morning. Poor Sally!

After she’d departed for the courthouse, my boss came out and made noises like she felt bad that she had sent Sally over there in the rain. One of the other lawyers (a MALE lawyer) happened to come by around that time and she lamented to him, “Here it is Staff Appreciation Week and I’ve sent Sally out in the rain!” To which he replied “You are staff and I’d appreciate it if you’d go get that opinion!” Well, I sure didn’t bust a gut laughing at that one. Guy better not quit his day job….

This weekend we are promised sunshine so I am going to try to wash the Street Angel. I have had a couple of web projects going and I’ve been chained to the computer for pretty much the last four weekends in a row. I hope to get out and get some fresh air while I can! I love Spring. I usually have the windows open on Saturday morning while we eat breakfast, sip coffee and watch the parade of “home/how-to” shows that are on TLC on Saturday mornings.

Tomorrow my second assignment is taking me to lunch for Secretary’s Day Staff Appreciation Day. Sally is also invited. She’s a blast so it should be fun.

Bossette and I have this understanding. She doesn’t get me flowers or take me to lunch. She just slips me the cold hard cash. Suits me just fine. She’s usually to busy to take lunch and thinks it’s a big waste of time. I usually eat in, but one look at me and it’s obvious where mealtime is on my priority list!

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